Postdoctoral Association at Western

Presentation Club


Need a forum to practice presenting? EMAIL US!

This club is open to all Western graduate students and postdocs. Sessions will be held twice a month. At each session, we will have one or two presenters. After each presentation, we will discuss how to improve the presentation and also about the research.

Here are the merits of this club.

Want to improve your presentation skills for interdisciplinary audiences?

You often have presentations at conferences or at job interviews where the audience does not know you or your research. Do you think having a practice presentation in front of your supervisor or your friends is the only way to prepare for such presentations? Here, you can have an interdisciplinary audience like at your ‘real’ presentation. This club will help you make your presentation clearer to get your real audience to understand your study.

Want to improve your English?

You often have presentations at lab meetings. You want your supervisor and your colleagues to focus on your study. What if the lab members were distracted by your grammatical mistakes or mispronunciation? We know how frustrating it can be! Being able to practice at the club before the lab meeting will make your lab presentations more effective.

Want new perspectives?

At this club, you will have an audience with individuals from different professions. People outside of your area will ask you any questions without worries that they are thought to be novices. Explaining your concepts to them from scratch will inform you of tiny leaps in logic that can be improved upon. Presenting may help you find fundamental weaknesses with your presentation style, and bring up questions or fascinating applications, which could have been overlooked by you and other professionals.

Want interdisciplinary interactions? Want to have fun?

This club is a casual event. The friendly atmosphere will encourage interaction between the presenter and the audience, and can help prepare you for interdisciplinary collaboration.


When you attend the club as an audience member, you can enjoy presentations outside of your discipline. Feel free to ask any questions! You do not need to look like a professional. Actually, your straightforward questions may be the most essential type for presenters.



How do you participate into the club?

 Whether you want to prepare for a job interview, a conference presentation, or a  lab meeting presentation etc., email with the date you want to have your practice presentation. You can check our schedule on PAW Google Calendar to see availabilities.

Drop-in audiences are welcome. To be more prepared, attending presentation workshops provided by Teaching Support Center ( is recommended especially for international students.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Dr. Liya Ma (
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Brain and Mind Institute